With a thorough understanding of your target customers, market, and vision, we will help you address your clients through design, word, and photography.

We are a team that does its job with a heart. Trust us in creating your new logo, corporate identity, website. Smile into our cameras and show who is behind the success of your business. We will help you with market research, identity creation, and building a trustworthy relationship with your clients. We strive for long-term cooperation, respect, and excellent results.

Monika Hriberšek

Desiger, founder of the company

An artistic journey means following a path that never ends; we never see everything we can know or see and discover everything that is out there. The desire to research, learn and solve problems is something that inspires me more in my work every day. Good design is beautiful, but great design has an impact and achieves goals. Seeing this impact is an invaluable feeling.

Sara Ugrin

Content Writer

A prerequisite for good website text is good conversation. Maybe that's why I like talking a lot, because I like writing so much. I am motivated by curiosity. I want to hear stories, ideas, and visions. Giving them the written word means arousing the potential to reach people. To touch them. To connect with them. I do this with great pleasure and responsibility.

Maša Nedoh


There are endless reasons why I love photography and it seems that every time I capture a new image, that number increases by at least one more reason. My favorite part of my love of photography is the different worlds, the different perspectives it gives me in terms of thinking and responding to the world around me, and the possibility of constant progress and development. ”.



»Correctness and accuracy are two qualities that we appreciate, and Monika does have them both.«

We have been working with Monika for almost a year. With the redesigned website, we always have new ideas, following our professionalism and tradition of operation for more than 30 years. In realizing these, we are grateful to Monika for the new technological directions in digitalization and the guidelines for a simple, clear, and beautifully designed overview of content for the user. Correctness and accuracy are two qualities that we appreciate, and Monika does have them both. You can be grateful for such cooperation today.


»I know I can always count on Monikart for creative marketing and graphics solutions«

Cooperation with Monikart s.p. was conducted in an extremely flexible, correct, efficient, and professional. The two companies have been connected since their inception, so I know that I can always rely on Monikart for creative marketing and graphic solutions. The company is distinguished by the desire to acquire new knowledge and find the best interpretation of the customer's philosophy through advertising tools.


»She is young, reliable, hardworking, and full of ideas and that is why I highly recommend her«

We started working with Monika at the very beginning of her and our company. After talking to her we immediately knew that this is a person who understands our vision and the direction we want. She first designed the logo and did an outstanding job with our concept and her style, and then she took care of the overall design of the business cards. With Monika, everything always went according to plan. She always adapts to customers and is available for any help. She is young, reliable, hardworking, and full of ideas and that is why I warmly recommend her to everyone. We can't wait to work with her again in the future.